Micro Loans


  1. General Loan :

After the completion of GRT of a center, all eligible members can apply for the general loan. It is group-based loan without collateral. This loan product has been designed to promote small-scale entrepreneurship of members and encourage them to uplift their economic status. This loan is targeted to the low income people of the rural areas.

  1. Seasonal Loan :

Members who have completely paid the first loan and consuming second loan with regular installment payment are eligible to take extra loan as a seasonal loan for their seasonal need.

  1. Non Collateral project loan :

This loan product is designed to those clients who are planning to establish a project within one month of loan disbursement or wants to improve their existing business (registered project).

  1. Emergency Loan :

In case of any emergency arises due to natural disaster, accident, serious illness and other events, good loanee can apply for this loan. The loan shall be provided in the center meeting or in the office. This loan is believed to be beneficial to the member in case any emergency situation happens to them.

  1. Foreign Employment Loan :

This loan product is designed to the client members and their family members who are planning to go abroad for employment and are in need of financial support for the same.

  1. Education Loan :

This loan is offered to the clients who are planning to send their children for technical/ vocational education.

  1. Housing Loan :

KLBSL also provides small scale housing loan to its clients for low cost housing, maintenance of existing house, purchasing small plot of land for house construction etc. It is a collateral based loan for the individual as well as group members.


  1. Collateral based project Loan :

Accepted collateral based project loan is also available to the individual or group members for carrying out a project. The amount of collateral based loan is relatively higher than the non-collateral loan.